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Band & Orchestra Risers

Portable seated riser sets enhance onstage performances and help facilitate instruction in the practice room. Sets include all components necessary to construct winged and arc shaped riser configurations. Guardrails are furnished for the uppermost level of the riser set.

Expansion sections may be used to construct straight riser sets or to increase the width and depth of winged and arc shaped riser configurations.


  • Carry over 200 pounds per square foot when uniformly loaded
  • Integral couplings allow stages to be joined together

  • 15-year Warranty
  • Metal frames only available in black
  • Selection of carpet and decking options available

Heavy Duty Construction: Stage and riser decks are constructed with solid plywood, laminated with tempered hardboard on top and bottom. Decks are surrounded and supported by 16″ gauge formed steel channels for maximum carrying capacity.

Couplings: Stage units are equipped with integral couplings that may be selectively engaged as needed to join platforms of the same height or platforms that are 8” different in height. Coupling devices are permanently attached.

Configuration Options

Winged Arrangement

Arc Arrangement

Rectangle Arrangement

Decking Options

​Available in 5 colours

​Black or Grey


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